Father, Endless Gray

by jamescarman

Father, Endless Gray

The master of subtle
and content,
stop singing your endless

gray and forgive yourself,
and intoxicate your mind with
life once again.

The infinite alarm
will continue to ring
and drain you of your sleep

please take time to
listen to its real
wake up call.

Slow with speed
is your induced drug
of freedom

your universe of work
still doesn’t fulfill
your addiction

and we can not get
enough of your supply,
love may it be

put the food on the table
and close all doors behind you
another speechless generosity.

I’m sick of it,
because I’m too satisfied
and not amused

tell me a time where
I laughed
and cried of joy

and to think if we ever were friends,
or do you preach your
infinite gray.

You make me pale
when you sing, you make me
blind when you howl

and I make you
blue when I

Your boots never fitted
my feet and your liquor
was always too strong

Only your absence
I can

Am I
in awe,
should I?

Even if my plate was
always full, I still had
a hungry heart.