Mother, Endless Vein

by jamescarman

Mother, Endless Vein

You’re a collection of jewels,
not even to embrace a season
for a change in your weather.

The new
old you is old
and new to you

bruised and colorful and
sings hard oblivion.

I can be your mender,
piano of death and
play you to sleep.

Somewhat contradictory of a bright
day only shadows
unrecognized solitude

hours of absence of self,
and life, and real,
oh void

where hero has come
to place you in the dream land
and suffer –

you must, flee home
and suffer
which is your skill

we learned as impatiently
as we could – joining the weaping
organ of your soul.

Never to attain a loose heart
for the brave children
you hatched

and as innocence shows,
you as remarkable
never lost them in thought

you of extravagance
never lost them in heart –
just only as fatal as it seemed

you unconditionally
indulge in the well being
of your children.

A sedation of your love,
care for us even after
your last blink

and now
teach the brightly
lit skies how to

nourish its land
and mend the ripples
in the ocean.