Quiet In Roses

by jamescarman

Encapsulating your eyes again
was like ecstasy,
and the smoothness of your
smile tore right through me.
It’s unfortunate how vagrant
our love is,
but when i do lay my body
on top of you
the world becomes meaningless
and we topple over clouds
with our rough hands and
naked promises of togetherness.

This makes me silent.
We turn heads after all
this satisfaction
and wait and wait awake
of the realism that’s happening
between us when we cause
friction between our armors.

I remember the moles and
hairs in the valley named
after you. The only thing I can
do is help myself.
I inhaled as much as i
could, holding my breath only
to be released with
spasms and a glimpse
of your vulnerable face.

This –
oh how
I surrendered to you
for seconds built on

We were a synchronized
and i rained over your
and within time, the
youth of your silence
and flowers came out
of your eyes.