imagery through words.

Month: January, 2012

Thought Patterns

In excessiveness, I like to think i’ve won
because there is only one battle with urge
and sad satisfaction to continue
with debaucheries of the heart.

Hate is like an instrument of continuing
sorrow, the barrier that doesn’t break
unless recognized. So why is it so hard
to become recognized?

And once recognized, how easy is it
to break away? Love is like a villain
among the heart, but in the shadows
it prevails as the hero.

Are we losing the balance
on the platform of life,
or are these indulgences
the adversaries of our faith?



To live a life as a purveyor
of immaculate conception,

someone who wears truth for warmth
and tempts no poison in the soul

whose inspiration bares that of marshes
where he could plant his feet in the earth

and drink from the rivers of clear water.
Any soul knows that this is home.

This soul
wants to go home.