Posing In The Flat Field

by jamescarman

Under the shade of a red sky,

I’m reminded of the immaculate

warmth that is on the other side,

with the sun as piercing as her smile –

heaven’s smile that remains splintered

under the skin.


Even the ocean can flower

the air, and leave the sky

patched with tearful clouds

that persist itself seasonally,

as if the seconds held another brand new season,

and this void becomes more real.


The leather of my skin

Can only keep you so warm,

And yet so elegantly pressed,

But your satisfaction makes

You colder and more crude.


The motor of heaven ceases

To continue without your attention,

and it listens to your soft words of prayer

as it bleeds through you in weakness.

And to whomever your prayer reaches,

still the two heavens know

of the broken

face that is unworthy to mend.