The Dove And The Raven

by jamescarman

and she said
“im thirsty”
as the words
spilled from
her mouth,
and I told her
“you’re the
black raven
in my dreams”
as she looked
up at me
and took the

“What do you
crave?” I asked,
“Heaven’s warmth”
she replied
while pointing
to the ground.
and with the
light shimmering
on my solid hands,
I wept knowing
this was all
out of grasp.

Remember the sea?
remember how it
swam with us?
and now the water
seems to have dried
or fills someone
else’s bowl,
but I do not know.

There was once
a dove,
white with silk
feathers that
laid beside me
at times of rain
or shine,
it would whisper
in my soul,
telling me of
april skies
and golden leaves.

Now there is
the black raven,
oh the howling
of the black raven.

“Come back to me
little dove”
I told her.
She looked at
me with sorrowing
eyes and opened
her beak and

“Little dove,
I remember you,
come back to me”
“little dove,
my dear