imagery through words.

Month: February, 2014

Cigarette Lips

Cherry red lipstick
cigarette smoke
filling my eyes

and the tambourine heart
rattles while
the hips shake

to the sound of the blues
and motown
and words spoken like soul.

I can taste all over
that cherry wide eyed
body in motion

as you inhale
and then I inhale
and we share this

dancing like soldiers
under the moon lit
pavements of our street

rapidly inhaling
tasting those succulent
cigarette lips.

A dress fit for a queen
and a suit
made for a king

the lion and lioness
roaring at the jungle
beneath their clawing paws

tearing away
there is no more to tear

and the music
kept playing on
that motown sound

and we shake our hips
with cherry flavored
cigarette lips.



I can’t find myself situated,
even after I have pleaded my case.
It seems like I am the enemy in every eye,
it seems that way.

When I had it all to give,
I was left empty.
So much to give,
so very much.

broken bottles,
a broken mind.

And now I sit in my own trashed world,
when I wanted nothing more
than a small ounce
of love.

I was ready,
steady feet planted to the ground,
my emotions at sway,
I was ready.

It’s hard to let loose
knowing you are the enemy.

All the excitement
turns against the spirit,
but this pain
is silent heroism.

An enemy of weak,
a romantic struggle.
A caged lover in shackles,
desperate to break free.

this fabrication of love,
an ongoing hallucination.

Accuse me,
it’s the right thing to do.
I am only a prisoner of your speculation
unwillingly so.

I am the enemy,
against you,
against them,
against myself.

All I ever wanted
was an ounce of love.